CHLORINATOR swimming pool (professional range)

regulates automatically time of filtration of the pump according to the temperature of the water.

Exist in version 100m3 and 150m3





  • It is enough to dilute one very small quantity of salt (2,5gr / liter) in the water of your swimming pool. (Salt which you will not feel)
  • Then, the Chlorinator CHLORNETT (installed in the technical local of the swimming pool) takes care of everything.
  • By effect of electrolysis, it converts the salt contained in the water in a natural active disinfectant, Hypochlorite de Sodium.
  • This disinfectant destroys seaweeds, bacteria, mushrooms and oxidizes the organic residues.
  • After a certain number of hours, this disinfectant recombines in salt in the swimming pool.
  • This cycle is constantly renewed and there is nothing more to make.
  • Finished the duties of chemicals (chlorines, anti-seaweeds), finished the smells of chlorine, the irritations of eyes, drying of the skin, the discoloration of shirts etc....
  • It also pilots and automatically according to the temperature of the water, the optimal number of hours of functioning of the filtration and it all year long.
  • This function brings 2 essential advantages:
  • 1) Reductions of the hours of filtration of your pump and thus of electricité because management in the degree near.
  • 2) User-friendliness. (One not concerns more number of hours of functioning to be programmed on its clock)
  • We take care of nothing more.


CHARACTERISTICS (version 100m3):

  • Treat 5m3 to 100m3 according to regulations.
  • Work with only 2,5gr of salt / liter of water.
  • Self-cleaning by inversions of polarités in automatic management.
  • Production of the adjustable éléctrolyse until 28 gr of chlorine / hour (following model).
  • Life of Cell : minimum 7 years (lasted average 10 to 12 years following use).
  • Cell conceived for 30000 hours of treatment.
  • Regulate automatically time of filtration of the pump of filtration according to the temperature of the water.
  • (Useless to adjust regularly its clock swimming pool according to the season - CHLORNETT manages everything and all year long).
  • Consummate power: from 5 to 80 watts (following ones regulations). 
  • Require no maintenance.
  • Equipment of range prefessionnel.

Guaranteed 3 years .



  • Power-ON indicator.
  • Display of the rate of salt and production of hypochlorite.
  • Central to be connected in parallel on the pump of filtration.
  • Size Cell (100m3): L = 25cm, diameter = 9cm.
  • Cell to be stuck (glue standard PVC) at the level of the expulsion.
  • Size Central: Largeur=24cm, hauteur=15cm, profondeur=15cm
  • Do not consume salt, this one regenerates naturally in the swimming pool.
  • Central (supply) 220V AC.
  • Consumption: in sleep mode 0,25W, in production of 5W to 80W
  • Diameter sticking Cell: 50mm.
  • Require no maintenance.


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